Wedding Theme Ideas , Unexpected and Unique

musical wedding theme

Wedding theme ideas can be a difficult task to be done, but you can never leave it as it is. The importance of wedding theme can’t be ignored. Without a theme as the guide, your wedding preparation will be a mess. The theme is the guide as it has been said before. Based on the theme you choose, you can start planning the decoration, the dress, the invitation card, even the food to be served. You know that wedding is your special day. How can you let it be a mess just because you can’t choose one simple theme?

This is why start from now you better know what theme you should choose for your wedding day. How if you don’t know anything about wedding theme ideas before? It is okay, this explanation will let you know some best of it. You can’t wait for the excitement to finally be able to find the right theme for your wedding day? Well, you don’t need to wait any longer. The explanation below is what you need to read thoroughly to find your wedding theme ideas.

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6 Wedding Theme Ideas for An Unexpected and Unique Special Day

You don’t know what to choose for your wedding theme. That is why you need inspiration. You can get your inspiration for wedding theme ideas from many sources. For example, this explanation will talk about 6 wedding theme ideas. You can choose from those 6 ideas, which one fits your preference? After choosing the theme, then your wedding preparation will be done smoothly. So this is it, 6 wedding theme ideas for you!

  1. Classical Music Theme

The first idea for an unexpected theme on your wedding day is the classical music theme. You can make your wedding venue look like a venue where a music festival was held. Decorates it with some album posters. Play memorable songs to create the vibe and dress the bride with a maxi dress. What a lovely theme!

musical wedding theme
  • Classic Romance Theme

You know what type of wedding theme ideas which will not outdated for years? The romance theme it is. Romance with classic feels is really a good choice if you want to keep remember your wedding day and show it off years later. The dress and decorations on your wedding day will be a timeless thing. A wedding which will look pretty and inspiring for years!

  • Ethnic Wedding Theme

If you want to embrace your traditional culture in your wedding theme, then you can freely do it! Nowadays, the ethnic wedding theme is possible to be combined with modern decorations. So, your wedding day will be unexpected and unique at the same time for the guests.

  • Rustic Chic Theme

Planning a wedding with rustic chic theme means you will interact with natural material most of the time. You should use woods, plants, and any other natural thing to decorates the wedding venue. It doesn’t stop there, you better choose a chiffon dress for the bride so it moves freely along with the breeze.

  • Seaside Theme Celebration

Have you ever dream to get married to the sea as the landscape and breeze as the music? Then seaside theme celebration is the smart choice for you. This idea to hold a wedding on the seaside is very brilliant. There is no need for extra decorations and the mood will be casual and friendly.

  • Vintage Wedding Theme

You can choose the vintage wedding theme as the last idea for your wedding day. This theme needs a combination of gold, rose, and grey as the main color palette. Try to find some vintage stuff to decorates the venue. The bride should also use a vintage dress with many laces and bolero if possible. A sweet vintage vibe indeed!

Now that is all wedding theme ideas for you to make an unexpected an unique special day possible. You will not ever regret your wedding preparation if you choose one theme from the list above. The guests of your wedding day will be extremely in awe with your wedding theme. They will also remember your wedding day for a long time with how unexpected and unique it is. Don’t you love that everyone loves your wedding theme? Well, I do!