Wedding Table Ideas and Some Inpirations to Decorate

Sommer Outdoor Wedding Table Ideas

Wedding Table Ideas – Did you plan everything in the details of your wedding, but you found yourself stuck on the table and you are looking for ideas? There are many beautiful decorations and ideas for having beautiful wedding tables at your reception. This article will help you gather ideas and think about different ways to decorate, which hopefully will spark your own interesting wedding table ideas.

Wedding table theme

First and foremost, whenever possible, you will want to bring your wedding theme back into your wedding table decorations. This will save you a lot of extra work and brain power because you can use the same ideas for your theme. For example, if you are having a fairytale-themed wedding, you might want to incorporate it into the decorations of your wedding table and opt for a medieval style for the tables. So, always consider your wedding theme and save a lot of work.

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Burgundy Wedding Table Ideas
Centerpieces Wedding Table Ideas
Chick Rustic Chevon Wedding Table Ideas


The second thing that is important to think about before gathering all your wedding table ideas is the place of the reception. You will want to decorate for an outdoor spring wedding very differently, then a winter wedding indoors. For example, if you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you may want to simplify your decorations and get a more natural look and feel. However, since outdoor reception tends to be in very open spaces, you will want your decorations to be larger, even if they are simple and natural.

DIY Wedding Table Ideas
Elegant Modern Wedding Table Ideas
Elegant Winter Wedding Table Ideas


This is very similar to the consideration of your theme when planning the reception decorations if you chose colors for the wedding, the time has come to integrate them as well. If your bridesmaid dresses are all deep purple, you may not want to use contrasting and bright colors for tablecloths or decorations. Instead, you will want to subtly enhance the colors of the bridesmaid dresses. In this case, you may want to use very light pastel purple colors or even white.

Tulle Pompom Wedding Table Ideas

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A good way to get ideas is to use the power of the Internet. If you spend some time on your favorite Internet search engine, you can often find pictures of what other people have done for their wedding table ideas. Wedding and bridal magazines are another resource. If you start planning early enough, this research phase can really help you clarify your ideas. Whenever you see something that catches your eye and you think it’s cute, cut it out or copy it and print it. Then keep a big folder for all your research notes. This is what many artists do when they work on a piece of art and the decoration of their wedding tables is an art and not very different. The important thing in this step is not to filter or censor your thoughts.

Sommer Outdoor Wedding Table Ideas
Sweatheart Wedding Table Ideas

If you find something you like even if it does not match your themes, go ahead, cut it out and save it. Then, after collecting a good amount of research material, you can arrange it somewhere on a large table and examine it with a friend or family member. Talk about each one and start analyzing what you love about them. Keep a list of the things you notice and like in each image. In the end, you will have your list of wedding table ideas already made. It will only bring things together and reinforce ideas.

As you can see, it can be very easy to find wedding table ideas if you start early enough and take the time to plan. Just make sure you do not get stuck by doing it at the last minute.