Wedding Decoration Themes for Family Receptions

Simple whimsical church wedding decoration

Wedding decoration themes to choose from many themes out there can be a hard thing to be faced while preparing your big day. You know, sometimes romantic themes are interesting, but a rustic theme is trending. So what theme you should choose for your own wedding? Well, everyone may have wedding decorations dreams in their lives. The dream is what you can use to choose what is the best themes for your wedding. But for any of you who don’t have a specific dream for the wedding theme, you can feel free to choose the trending themes.

How if you don’t know what is the trend for wedding decorations themes? You can attend some wedding receptions for inspiration, read wedding magazines, or by reading this information. This information will inform you about 6 wedding themes to choose from. Every theme has its own advantage or disadvantage. Try to consider every little thing about every decoration before choosing it. You are eager to know more about those 6 themes? Read more about it in the following explanation.

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6 Wedding Decorations Themes for Family Receptions

Why wedding decorations with its themes become very important today? It happens because of wedding identical to family and acquaintances reunion. So for the wedding reception, using the best decorations and themes is important to be done. You better choose what is comfortable for guest to see and admire if possible. Now you can choose from these 6 themes for the best family reception on your wedding day.

  1. Casual Themes

You want your guests to mend casually with each other? You can choose a casual theme for your wedding decorations themes. Majority of casual wedding decorations themes are held at a garden. But, you better choose this theme for summer seasons. Decorates every spot with flowers and lamps for a better vibe.

casual wedding decoration

casual wedding theme

  1. Nature Themes

Another wedding decoration themes for family receptions to choose from is nature theme. This type of theme allows you to use as many as possible plants, flowers, and such things for decorations. Even the bride can use some greens for decorates her hairdo or dress. What a beautiful theme indeed!

nature wedding decoration

nature wedding decoration

  1. Romantic Themes

An intimate feel for your wedding decorations themes is also a good choice. You can make it possible with the right choice of color and decorations. For example, chooses candles for its lightning. The type of flower for decorations is also important.

romantic wedding decoration

romantic wedding decoration

  1. Rustic Themes

Rustic or rural themes is what you must found trending nowadays. For family receptions, it is also very smart to choose as wedding decoration themes. Because rustic themes give of homey vibe and the guest will be more comfortable at your wedding venue.

rustic wedding decoration

rustic wedding decoration theme

  1. Traditional Themes

Well, if you want your traditional wedding like what has been used in ninety’s you can make it! Serve wine and decorates your wedding day with wine glasses. Don’t forget to bring out the traditional wedding cake. Enjoy it with some legend songs on your wedding day.

traditional wedding theme

traditional wedding decoration

  1. Whimsical Themes

This type of wedding decoration themes is done with choosing everything by its bright color. Ballons and flower are chosen as the best decorations on this type of wedding theme. It is also okay to mismatched some color of chairs or tables to make it special and cozy for guests.

whimsical weddng decoration

whimsical wedding theme

That is the end of explanation about wedding decoration themes for family receptions. Have you found the right theme for your wedding decorations? There are many others themes for you to choose but still, you need the one which complements your need the most. After choosing the right theme, next, you must be smart to prepare and spend your budget. Nevertheless, enjoy every preparation of your wedding day!