Wedding Anniversary Years Names to Remember

wedding anniversary 2
wedding anniversary 2

Wedding anniversary years names are names used to mark how many years you have got married with your spouse. Marriage is a very meaningful relationship, that is why not everyone matches the marriage life. However, if you decided to enter the marriage life, you need to live as a loyal life partner. And you are expected to understand your spouse more than anyone can understand her/him. Well it seems that it’s a hard job to be done, but it is really worth the effort for having someone accompany you to death.

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Because how meaningful marriage life is, the anniversary of your wedding day become very important. It is expected the married couple for at least remembered their wedding anniversary. It can be even greater if both of you can give each other wedding anniversary gift each year. But it is already enough if you can remember it and interpreted each wedding anniversary years names to live. Unfortunately, not everyone still knows what each wedding anniversary years names are.

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Even though they remember to celebrate their wedding anniversary, many couples now forgot what each year means in their marriage life. Beacuse of that, today here we will talk about what are names for each wedding anniversary by year. If you are interested to know about it, read through the following explanation carefully. Read also 50th wedding anniversary gifts

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5 Wedding Anniversary Years Names to Remember

It has been said before that many people tend to forget about wedding anniversary names by year. It is unfortunate because every name of it is delivered a meaningful message. That is why by this explanation I hope all of you can know what is the meaning of your married life, every time you celebrate your wedding anniversary years. Are you ready to know about 5 wedding anniversary year with names to be remembered? Here they are!

  1. Wooden Wedding Anniversary

The first important wedding anniversary after the first year of married life is the fifth one. Wedding anniversary in this year is called Wooden Wedding. Woods symbolize strength and also romantic feels. So, in this stage of marriage life, both of you can get stronger with the romance you hold on to.

wooden 50th wedding anniversary year
  • Tin Wedding Anniversary

Next, you need to celebrate this Tin Wedding Anniversary. It is celebrated after 10 years of marriage. Your marriage life expected to be more mature than before. But, it is not mature enough. That is why tin is the symbol of it because you get stronger but still can be broken.

tin wedding anniversary years gift
It's customized tin purposely for tin wedding anniversary gift
  • Crystal Wedding Anniversary

You really take your marriage seriously for still celebrating this 15 years of marriage life. This stage of marriage life is called crystal wedding. It means your relationship with your spouse is very valuable. But, without care, the crystal will be cracked.

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crystal wedding anniversary
crystal wedding anniversary years gif
  • Silver Wedding Anniversary

Did you know what silver wedding anniversary years names is for? It is used as a name to celebrate 25 years of your marriage life. You must have known that silver as jewelry is very pretty, sweet, and valuable. That is your marriage life at that stage.

it's a silver made gift for silver wedding anniversary years gift
Cute silver wedding anniversary years gifts
  • Golden Wedding Anniversary

Last but not least, we got this Golden Wedding name. This name used to name your marriage life after 50 years passed. What a long relationship you got and you need to celebrate it. Why the gold name was used? Because gold is the most valuable jewelry to symbolize your relationship with your spouse.

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it's golden heart shaped gift for the golden wedding anniversary years gifts
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This is the end of explanation about wedding anniversary years names to remember. Start from now you can try to celebrate ever wedding anniversary while reminiscence about its meaning. Hopefully, your marriage life will be more meaningful and both of you can keep growing old together!