Traditional Wedding Gifts for Wedding Anniversary

25th silver traditional wedding gift 1
25th silver traditional wedding gift 1

Traditional wedding gifts are what every couple give to each other to celebrate their wedding anniversary. As it is a gift to celebrate a wedding anniversary, the gift based on tradition is different each year. It means every wedding anniversary you need to choose a gift based on traditional wedding gifts by year. How you could know what kind of gifts you should choose each year?

traditional wedding gift by year

There are many sources to know about this type of traditional wedding gifts. Even greater, nowadays you can custom your wedding gifts to make it more special. You know some of the traditional gifts for wedding anniversary may not really suitable for today’s culture. That is why you need to know about the gift first then find ideas to remake it as you like.

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Now what you need is information about what gifts to choose in each year. To make it easier for you to understand, we will talk about 5 important years in wedding life. So, there will be 5 traditional wedding gifts explain below. They are traditional wedding gifts for first year anniversary, fifth year anniversary, tenth year anniversary, twenty-fifth year anniversary, and fiftieth years anniversary. What to get as a wedding gift for those years?

5 Traditional Wedding Gifts

It has been said before that there are 5 important years in wedding life. Of course, those years need to celebrate with this meaningful traditional wedding gifts. To help you plan your wedding anniversary with its gift, here they are an explanation about what you need to get as gifts for each year. If needed, you can remake it to make it more valuable nowadays.

  1. Get Paper for the First Anniversary

Paper for the first-anniversary traditional wedding gifts is a symbol to represent your wedding life. It is still easy to destroy and to keep your wedding ship moving you need to be strong. Get this paper as the wedding gift but make it a letter. Write supporting words for each other on it!

it's a journal book for your first year anniversary - traditional wedding gifts
This is a unique first year anniversary gift displaying some paper cards inframed - traditional wedding gifts
  • Buy Woods Stuff for the Fifth Anniversary

Entering the fifth year of the wedding, both of you need to be strong. That is why the traditional wedding gifts you should get for each other is woods. Woods are the symbol of strength and long time. You need to let the woods developed its roots to make your marriage life even stronger each passing year. You can get the woods stuff made into clocks, sculpture, or even box to decorate your home.

it's a quote about fifth year marriage written in wooden board as fifth year anniversary gift - traditional wedding gifts
It's 5th wedding anniversary gift - traditional wedding gifts
  • Give Tin or Aluminum for the Tenth Anniversary

Ten years of married life is really a long time. You really have done a very good job so far. But you can’t lose your strength. You need the tin or aluminum to protect your family. Tin or aluminum is a symbol of material which is flexible but doesn’t rust because of external influence. So, get some tin or aluminum stuff like jars, vases, and candle holders as a gift for your spouse.

This is a key chain made from aluminium showing the tenth year wedding anniversary gift - traditional wedding gifts
a personalized unique tin as a tenth-year wedding anniversary gift - traditional wedding gifts
  • Get Silver Jewelry for the Twenty-fifth Anniversary

Once both of you already live your life for twenty-five years as a spouse it means you already know how valuable marriage is. You will keep growing old together and show how beautiful your marriage life is. This is why you need to get silver as traditional wedding gift. Silver is known as a very valuable metal and it shines brighter the older it gets.

it's a silver jewelry for 25th anniversary gift - traditional wedding gifts
it's silver rings for 25th traditional wedding gifts
  • Buy Gold for the Fiftieth Anniversary

Gold is the traditional wedding gifts to get to celebrate the fiftieth wedding anniversary. This valuable metal is representing not only strength but also prosperity. Marriage for fifty years is really a very great achievement. You gift the gold for your strength and your patience. The result of your hard work is the prosperity.

it's a gold as 50th wedding anniversary - traditional wedding gifts
these are couple golden watches for 50th anniversary gifts - traditional wedding gifts

It is all traditional wedding gifts by year for your information. Now, you don’t need to worry again every time you want to celebrate your wedding anniversary. You can easily choose any stuff made by those traditional wedding gifts and give it to your spouse. Who knows that traditional pray and hope will eventually happen and bless your marriage life each year. So, congratulations on your anniversary and go get those traditional wedding gifts made!