4 Simple Nail Designs Inspiration for Your Daily

half half color simple nail designs
half half color simple nail designs

Simple nail designs for you to create by yourself in your free time is a very useful task. It is not only good to spend free time, caring your nails by using nail art will make it look more beautiful. Nails are often ignored without the care as much as any other parts of your body. It is unfortunate because nails are also the first thing others will see when they hold your hands. Imagine you are proposed today and you didn’t get your nail art done. Well, you really will regret your proposed day picture some day. Why?

Without nail art the nails will look dirty and ruin, that is why you should never let your nails without any care once a time. In your special day especially, you really need to present your nails pretty with its nail art designs. How about your daily look? Even there will be no any special event, you should take care of the nails too. The nail can use just simple nail designs and it still looks great and fresh. But, have you ever learn how to make this simple nail art? If you have not ever try to make this simple nail designs, you can start it now. The following explanation will tell you four simple designs of nail art to be done by your self.

solid and glitter color designsimple solid and glitter nail designssimple nail designssimple nail designs 2simple flower nail designspolka dots simple nail designspolka dots nail designshalf half color simple nail designsflower designscolor half half designs
light plain simple nail art designs for short nail
light blue super easy nail designs

4 Simple Nail Designs Inspiration

Treatment for your nail without too flashy designs is what you need for your daily look. If you don’t know how to make it and which designs are simple enough to choose, then you should learn the information below. Below there will be four simple designs for your nails. Learn how to make it and present your pretty nails every day.

  1. Flower Design

The first design you can try for your nail art is flower design. To make this type of design you need at least two colors. Use the bright color for the base and the dark color for the shape of the flower. Make the flower carefully one by one.

simple and easy nail designs with flower designs
simple nail designs ideas with flowery vibes
  • Paint Half – Half Color Design

Another simple design without much effort is half – half design. Same as before, you need two colors to use in this design. You need to paint half of your nails use the first color and the rest is using the second color. You are free to choose if you want to dividedit into each hand each color or each finger each color.

simple nail designs with half-half colored
half-half colored simple nail designs blue and white
  • Polkadots Design

This one is another simple nail designs inspiration which can be done very fast. For the color, you can use from two to four color at the same time. Combination of each color for the base and the dots are the main focus of this design.

simple nail designs with polka dots vibes
cute simple nail designs polkadots patern
  • Solid and Glitter Color Design

The last inspiration for you is to get brave using the glitter color. You can combine it with the solid color by making a line or maybe half – half design too. Your nail will shine brightly start from now because of the glitter.

summer simple nail designs with glittery vibes
cute glitter easy nail designs for nail arts

That is all simple nail designs inspiration for you to choose from. You already get some insipration by that list? Well now is the time to move and get your nails treated with simple designs. Have a good nail art will surely give the best mood for you. So, don’t halfheartedly make your nail art. Use only the simple designs and get it done fast but beautiful!