Simple Nail Art for Beginners that You can Do at Home

simple nail art with polka dots design

Simple nail art for beginners is a nail design which is easy to make, no skills needed and you can get your nail art done. Who doesn’t love nail art? Well, it is sure that majority of women loves nail art and want to get their nail art prettily done. But get your nail art done by the expert will cost a quite big money. If you just want to get it done for fun, why don’t you try to make it by your self? Nail art is easy even for beginners, if only they know what to make and do while designing their nails. The problem is many people don’t know what to do.

They like to watch nail art video, think it is easy, but didn’t want to try to make it. Most of them argue that they didn’t have the skill for it. But if it is just the simple ones, even without skills you can get it done prettily. You should not try to make a very detail and hard design. Even it is pretty and cute, you need skills to get it done. You should just try the easy nail art, it is easy to be done and still looks pretty. Want to get some inspiration and idea about simple nail designs? Read through the following explanation for more information.

simple nail art with zig zag designsimple nail art designs with two-tone designsimple nail art design for beginnersimple nail art with polka dots designsimple nail art design with half-moon designsimple nail art with gradient designeasy simple nail art for begginerdiagonal simple nail arts tutorialsimple nail art black and white design
easy simple nail art for begginer
simple nail art design for beginner

7 Simple Nail Art for Beginners Try

As you don’t have the skill to make a very expert nail art design, you need to choose only a simple nail art. The simple design of nail art you choose is easy to be done even without any skill and experience before. If you know many ideas, you can try to change your nail art design routinely. You will have pretty nails all of the days. Don’t you want to get your nail prettily done too? Then try to make the following example of simple design for nail art.

  1. Black and White Design

The first simple design you can try is black and white design. You need to prepare the black and white color and freely paint it on your nails.

simple nail art black and white design
  • Diagonal Design

If you want a simple line (diagonal) cross your nail, then you can use tape to make it. Cut a tape with a line shape, place it on your nail after the first color dry. And the second color can be placed above the tape to make a diagonal design.

diagonal simple nail arts tutorial
  • Gradient Design

A gradient design also considered a easy nail designs to get done by beginners. You just need to use a sponge to make a color gradient on your nails. It will surely look pretty without any hard work.

simple nail art with gradient design
  • Half-moon Design

Have you ever want to get a half-moon design for your nail art? Well, it is not that hard to be done. You can just use the half-moon tape and use the same process as the diagonal design to make it done.

simple nail art design with half-moon design
  • Polka Dot Design

Another simple design to try is the polka dot design. Polka dot design can be done using the bobby pin. Simple and really easy to make. First, you need to make the base color and use another color as the dot color.

simple nail art with polka dots design
  • Two-tone Design

Paint over the tape to make a two-tone design on one nail is really a smart design. You can get your nail done like by the expert just using a tape to divided your nail into two parts.

simple nail art designs with two-tone design
  • Zigzag Design

Next, you also can get zigzag design as one of the simple designs. Zigzag design can be done using tape which is cut into zigzag shape.

simple nail art with zig zag design

That is all information about what example of simple nail art for beginners tries by themselves. Now, what do you think about it? Do you have the confidence to try making your nail art alone even with a simple design? If you are sure and can’t wait to try it, then you can start making it. The first time may be a little hard and the result will not perfect. But it is really worth to try and day by day your skill will surely increase for the better. Nice try!