Silver Charm Bracelet for Men and Tips to Buy

silver charm bracelet for best friend

Silver charm bracelet for men is a jewelry which is worn to encircle your wrist as accessories. The bracelet and any other pieces of jewelry are typically used by women. But it doesn’t mean men can’t use the bracelet. Men are encouraged to use the bracelet as accessories if not other pieces of jewelry. Unfortunately, this information is not commonly accepted in society. Men are often found afraid to use any type of accessories. But if you can choose the right type of bracelet even men can use bracelet in his daily life. Then what type of silver charm bracelets you can choose for men?

The first time charm bracelet used is around thousands of years ago in Egypt and Africa. At that time charm bracelet which is a bracelet with special pendants is used as a talisman. Many people at that time used the talisman to avoid bad luck and evil spirits. This is why pendants of charm bracelet typical to charms made from special stuff with a special intention. For your example, thousands of years ago pendants of charm bracelets are stones, rocks, woods, and so on.

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5 Types of Silver Charm Bracelet for Mens

If you want to get a silver bracelet for men, you need to know what type to choose. There are many types of bracelet best used by men. Mostly they are chain bracelet, omega bracelet, or charm bracelet. If you only want to use charm bracelet, then you need to know that this charm bracelet surely will feature a chain as a place for the pendants cling to. Now you need to know that the pendants or charms cling to this bracelets is free to choose. You can choose every charm which perfect to represent your life or interest. You want to get an idea for choosing the charms? Learn about it by this following explanation.

  1. Charm for Couple

As charms in charm bracelet are used as a talisman to avoid bad luck, in modern times you can used it as your couple charm. The pendants or charms for this type of silver bracelet better shaped like your couple silhouette or name.

Solid silver charm bracelet for couple
Cheap silver charm bracelet for couples
  • Charm for Hobbies

If you want to use silver charm bracelet to represent what your hobby is, then you can get the charm shaped into the icon of your hobby. For example, if you like reading and books you can get books pendants as its charm.

Men silver charm bracelet for hobbies
silver charm bracelet for best friend
  • Charm for Name Initials

A silver charm bracelet use only for accessories is also good to use simple pendants. One of simple pendant recommended to use is pendants shaped into your name initials. It surely will look simple but very meaningful.

silver charm bracelet with name initial for woman
silver charm bracelet with initial name for girls
  • Charm for Personalities

Have you ever think that each of you has a unique personality and can resemble by some stuff? For example, if you have a bubbly personality then a charm with cute shape is really great to choose as the charm of the bracelet. You can get other charms based on your personality.

sterling silver charm bracelet for personalities
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  • Charm for Places

Do you love some places and really dream to go there some time? Well, you can get it as your charm bracelet to always encouraged you. Many people use charm shaped as Eiffel Tower just to make them remember that they dream to go there someday. You can copy this idea and make your charm bracelet has a place symbol as its pendants.

custom silver charm bracelet for places
Men silver charm bracelet for place

Now you already know what types of silver charm bracelet better choice for men. If you have been searching for a long time after reading the above explanation we have you can decide what to choose as your charm bracelet. May this information can help you and your dream silver charm bracelet can be found in the near time. Good luck finding it!