Gold Chain Bracelet and How it makes women more feminine

wheat gold chain bracelet for girls

Gold chain bracelet for women is a jewelry made from valuable metals gold. Chain bracelet is a wrist jewelry in chains shape. As jewelry is bought for used routinely, then it must be made from not reactive metals. This is because of reactive metals need extra maintenance and will ruin the chains shape. Gold is a metal which perfectly matches this description. Besides that, gold is also very pretty to make into any shapes of jewelry. That is why gold shape into a chain for a bracelet is a very smart model.

The chain shape of the bracelet will encircle your wrist and shine beautifully. If you want to get a gift for your special women, gold chain bracelet for women is a very good gift idea. Women love jewelry and surely they will not reject this type of gift from their special person. If you want to get a gold bracelet in chain shape. You better know every type of chain shape made into jewelry. Because there are many types of chain shape and not all of them good for women’s wrist. If you need a recommendation about what type of chain shape best for women’s gold bracelets, then you can follow the explanation below.

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yellow gold chain bracelet for women
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6 Types of Gold Chain Bracelet Based on Its Shape

It has been said before that there are many types of chain shape for jewelry. But not all of them is compatible to use on the wrist. To help you find which type of gold chain bracelet best for your women, here are 6 types of it. Learn about each type and choose which one matches your women’s preference more.

  1. Byzantine Chain Shape

The first gold chain bracelet is a bracelet with byzantine chain shape. This byzantine shape is a very flexible chain great to use as a bracelet. It also has a very unique type of chain. It can encircle the women’s wrist gracefully.

Byzantine gold chain bracelets shape
briliant gold chain bracelet 24k
  • Figaro Chain Shape

Next type of chain shape great for a bracelet is the figaro shape. The figaro shape is a combination of 2 to 3 circle rings and 1 oval rings made into a chain. This type of gold chain bracelet is popular in Italy and has a very great size to use on the wrist.

figaro gold chain bracelet 10k
figaro gold chain bracelet shape
  • Rolo Chain Shape

This type of chain shape bracelet may be the most familiar type of chain you ever know. The chain is made from similar in size links. Because of that the chain will look very simple and better completed with a simple pendant.

rolo gold chain bracelet 24K
simple gold chain bracelets for girls
  • Rope Chain Shape

If you want to get a type of chain shape which is greatly unique, then you can get this ope chain shape. The links made into a chain in this type of bracelet is twisting. So there are links which are not completely linked. It is great to make into  bracelet, but if one chain breaks the rest of the chain will also break and the bracelet will be ruin.

rope gold chain bracelet for women
rope gold chain bracelet design for women
  • Singapore Chain Shape

Another type of twisted chain shape is singapore chain shape. Different from the shape before, this type of shape is twisted but joined perfectly each link. Because of that, this type of chain bracelet is great to use without risk of it ruin without you knowing.

gold chain bracelet 24k for women
jewellery gold chain bracelet 18k
  • Wheat Chain Shape

The last type of chain shape for a gold bracelet for you to choose is the wheat shape. The shape of the links is formed a thin teardrop. It makes the gold chain bracelet very beautiful to look. But you need to take note of its flexibility. It is not as flexible as any other type of chain bracelets.

wheat gold chain bracelet for girls

Now that is all the information you need to know about types of old chain bracelet based on its shape. How do you think about it? Is there one of them match your liking? Based on that list, you can search any jewelry store and find chain shape gold bracelet which you want to gift to women. May this information can help you greatly!