What to Know about Diamond Bracelet Tennis?

One Tennis Bracelet Sterling Silver
One Tennis Bracelet Sterling Silver

Diamond bracelet tennis is one of the most expensive jewelry you can get. It is literally made from diamonds. Even one small diamond is expensive, imagine how much money you need to have to be able to have diamonds circle your wrist.

Even this jewelry popular for its cost, there are still many people who want to have it. The bracelet is unisex. It doesn’t made only for women. There are many designs which are made specially for men.

Sterling Silver Tennis Bracelet 1White Gold Diamond One Tennis BraceletThe Diamond GemstoneThe Carat DiamondTennis Bracelet SapphireOne Tennis Bracelet Sterling SilverMetals Clothed the Diamond Charm Bracelet TennisMetals Clothed the Diamond Bracelet Tennis SilvertoneDiamonds on One Design of Tennis Bracelet White GoldDiamonds on One Design of Tennis Bracelet JewelleryDiamond Bracelet Tennis Yellow GoldCarat Diamond Bracelet Tennis

If you are interested to have this bracelet, you will need some information about it. For example, you need to know what kind of metals used as the clothing of the diamond better? Do you want a bracelet gold clothing or silver?

Carat Diamond Bracelet Tennis
Diamond Bracelet Tennis Yellow Gold

The same if you want to get diamond tennis bracelets women style, what to know to differentiate it from men style? All those information are what we want to break into discussion below. So let’s check it out!

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5 Things to Know About Diamond Bracelet Tennis

The diamond bracelet tennis has so many stories and information behind its popularity. To help you know about it more deeper, we already make a list of information. It contains many information from the history of its name until the average price of it. Let’s find out more about this bracelet from the list!

  • Why it is Called Tennis Bracelet?

As you may already know from its name, the diamond tennis bracelet has a history with tennis sport. Before Christ Evert broke his diamond bracelet in a match, this type.of bracelet only known as diamond bracelet. But after that it is known as tennis as it is flexible and comfortable to wear even while working out.

Tennis Bracelet Sapphire
Sterling Silver Tennis Bracelet
  • What Metals Clothed the Diamond?

Many people contemplating about what kind of metals better to clothed the diamond. It is usually used gold. The diamond tennis bracelet gold clothing is better as it will not easily broke and stained.

Metals Clothed the Diamond Bracelet Tennis Silvertone
Metals Clothed the Diamond Charm Bracelet Tennis
  • How Many Diamonds on One Design of Tennis Bracelet?

Another information you may want to know is about the amount of diamond use in one bracelet. Actually at least 55 diamonds to use to make one simple tennis bracelet. But for diamond tennis bracelet women size, you can make it smaller.

Diamonds on One Design of Tennis Bracelet White Gold
Diamonds on One Design of Tennis Bracelet Jewellery
  • How Much One Tennis Bracelet Cost?

A diamond tennis bracelet price is depend on the purity of the metals and also the size of the bracelet. In average, the price varied from 999 US Dollar to 25,000 US Dollar. A very expensive jewelry indeed. Especially if you make diamond tennis bracelet gold clothing.

White Gold Diamond One Tennis Bracelet
One Tennis Bracelet Sterling Silver
  • What to do to Know the Diamond is Real or Not?

You can do a simple test to know the diamond on the bracelet is real or not. Just fog it with your mouth. If the diamond stay fogged for a few minutes, it is probably a fake diamond. Real diamond will not fog easily.

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The Diamond Gemstone
The Carat Diamond

Now you already almost everything about diamond bracelet tennis design. You already know the history of its name, the metals used, or even how to know it is real diamond or not. In this situation, you are ready to buy your own by yourself. As long as you are informed greatly with all the information above, you are ready to buy it without any mistake!