6 Cute Nail Designs Ideas for Summer Wedding

Colorful Cute Nail Art Design for Summer Wedding

Cute nail designs for a summer wedding are what many people want to try nowadays. As the wedding is held in summer weather, it means you will use many bright colors as the color theme. Choosing a color theme for your wedding means you need to use that color for all designs. This is also applied for the your nail art designs. The bride needs to get her nails getting treat and design with a great design. And if your wedding is held in Summer, it means you can use cute nail art with the bright color to complete your look.

Summer identical to ice cream, dripping cocktails, and of course beach. So use those idea to make your nail art for a summer wedding is not mainstream. If you don’t have any recommendation and reference for such type of wedding nail art, then you can learn it in the following explanation. Here we will spoil what type of cute nail designs which perfect for your summer wedding. Check it out!

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Colorful Nail Design Ideas for Summer Wedding
Beach Cute Nail ideas for Summer wedding

6 Recommendation of Cute Nail Designs for Summer Wedding

As it has been said above, you need to make something different on your wedding day. Opt out using a typical nail design like other brides used. You can make your wedding nail designs cute just like every day. How you can make it possible? Of course by getting inspiration from some people who already try to get cute nail designs for their wedding day. You also want to get that kind of inspiration? Well, check this list below and find yours!

  1. Bright Flowers Design

Nowadays a summer wedding is a trend. You are the part of the trend and to complete your look on your wedding day, please get your nail art done. You can choose bright flowers design. The flower is identical to summer and the bright color will make it shine even better.

Cute Bright Flowers Nail Designs
Simple Bright Flowers Nail Art Design
  • Curvy Stripes

Summer also ever named as shiny days. You hold your wedding day in summer that is why you better get everything in a shiny mood. The same with your nails, get it done with curvy line shape and color it with two different bright colors.

Simple Curvy Stripes Nail Design ideas
Easy Curvy Stripes Cute Nail Designs Ideas
  • Dripping Cocktail Design

Draw a cocktail shape as your nail designs is also a great idea. Cocktail is great to drink on a summer day, that is why on your summer wedding cocktail should be served for the guests too. If you want to get it to match even more, just get the cocktail done as your cute nail designs.

Cocktail Cute Nail Design for Summer
Dripping Cocktail Cute Nail Design
  • Ice Cream Drip Design

Well, who don’t eat ice cream on a summer day? Everyone enjoy ice cream in summer. This is also the start of the idea to usethe  ice cream drip design for your wedding day in summer. The process to make this shape is a little bit complex, but the result will not disappoint you.
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Ice Cream Cute Nail Designs
Ice Cream Drip Cute Design
  • Rainbows

As summer wedding is often done with so many beautiful colors decorates the venue, you too can decorate your nail with many colors. The cute design of nail art which can use many colors at the same time is by getting done with a rainbow theme. It is surely good for you too as the guests will catch the bright color of your nail.

Rainbow Cute Nail Design for Summer
Rainbow Cute Nail Design
  • Red Cherry Design

Last but not least, a wedding with red color is also very pretty and you can decorate your nail to match the color. If you want to get your nail art done, then you can also choose some design with red color. But if you want to look cute, get the red cherry design as it is delivered a cute and sexy message at the same time.

Strawbery Red Cherry Cute Nail Designs
Red Cherry Cute Nail Designs for short nail

All information about the recommendation of cute nail designs for summer wedding already explained. Now is the time for you to choose which one matches your wedding concept more. If you want to make a difference by combining two or more designs together, then it is also possible. You just need to be brave enough to try. All guests on your wedding day will surely amazed with how cute your nail design is on your wedding day. Don’t be afraid, let’s make difference!