Country Wedding Decoration Ideas for 2019

Country Wedding Decoration Ideas for 2017

Country wedding decoration ideas are the most searched information about wedding these past years. Wedding trend tends to going back to love the simplicity of nature and the vintage looking of country feels. That is why, in this article we will talk about everything about country wedding.

What do you know about country wedding? Country wedding is a wedding take place in nature and completed with wood, hay, and light. There are dancing shoes will be heard in the celebration of the wedding and the sound of laughter will be blend with the sound of breeze. That is the beauty of country wedding.

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Country Wedding Decoration Ideas Bride & Groom

Country Wedding Decoration Ideas Bucket list

First thing to discuss is where the country wedding theme should take place? To be all out in giving it best, country wedding theme should be held in a green yard outside of the city, use a barn and the wide land with horses running and cows eating set.

But, what if you want it to take place in city? So that, your family and friend aren’t need to travel far away to attend your wedding. It is still possible. Much better even. Country wedding theme in city setting will have so many unexpected scenes.

Next, we will talk about the wedding gown for bride and the suit for groom. The country wedding dresses for bride should not opt out the tulle. Yeah it is it-item of country wedding. You can pair it with denim or plaid and the country looks finally completed. This design is applied to other dresses for flower girl, mother of bride and groom, and also the bridesmaids. The using of boots will make it look more fascinating.

For the groom, the silk suit is opted out right from the first time you choose country wedding. Groom should use the linen material or cotton depends on the season when the wedding takes place. Don’t forget to substitute the flower in groom suit with boutonniere.

Country Wedding Decoration Ideas

Country Wedding Decoration Ideas Flower

Country Wedding Decoration Ideas for table

Country Wedding Decoration Ideas

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Ideas for 2017 Country Wedding Decoration

Sometime, the using of cowboy hats can also be a good choice. These cowboy hats can be use for almost every use. For example, it can substitute the use of flower bucket. So, the flower girl can bring the entire flower which filled in the hats. How cute this decorations idea. Beside that, the cowboy hats can be use for table or seat decorations.

Flowers in wedding are a must. So, what type of flower you can choose? Just use the wild, simple and light color flower. Don’t forget the add wood and cotton element.

Make bar in your wedding decorated with dry wood. Or you can also choose to use basket or everything in a bar as a place to place the drinks. There is also an example of using water faucet as a tool to giving out drinks. What an idea. Be creative is the key!

What a country wedding without mason jars? You need one of it, no you scratch that. You need many mason jars. You can use it for decoration, like light bulb cover or maybe for guest glasses to take drinks. Everything you can make use of it is possible, just don’t leave it behind.

Country Wedding Decoration

Good Country Wedding Decoration Ideas Cute Country Wedding Decoration Ideas

The theme color for wedding country is brown. But, don’t be afraid to mix and add a little touch of more color here and there. For example is about your wedding cake. It is very recommended to décor your wedding cake with strawberries and cream.

The use of candle is also one of idea about 2017 country wedding. The candles can add up the mood and the vibe of country wedding ideas.

So, it is the end of our discussion about country wedding decoration ideas. Everything is beautiful if you dare to take action and make your idea happens.