Cheap Wedding Decorations Ideas Without Unnecessary Expenses

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Cheap wedding decorations ideas without unnecessary expenses are what everyone wants and hope to know. A wedding is once in a lifetime event and everyone knows it must be special.  Special decorations also needed to make it memorable. Ask every guest what they like in a wedding ceremony. It must be either the food or the decorations as the answers. No matter where you hold the wedding, the decorations are what you need to make it beautiful and impressing. Unfortunately, special wedding decorations often lead to bigger money expenses. How if you don’t have that much money to spend?

It is not a must to spend much money on wedding decorations. Who said there are no cheap wedding decorations ideas? There it is! You just need to learn about it more and find the best idea fit your wedding decorations preferences. After finding out the best idea for your own wedding decorations, you can easily apply it to your own wedding. Now, you need to know what are those great ideas to plan cheap wedding decorations. Learn about it on the explanation below.

rustic wedding venuerusrustic wedding venuescheap wedding decoration ideas

6 Cheap Wedding Decorations Ideas for You

As explained a little bit above, a beautiful and impressing wedding doesn’t have to cost you a big money. You just need to cut any unnecessary expense while preparing decorations. Keep some things simple and try to be creative finding subtitutes for pricy decorations stuff. For your guide and information, here are 6 ideas to decorates a pretty wedding without unnecessary expenses.

  1. A Great Theme is Your Guide

First thing first, you should never forget to choose the theme for your wedding ceremony. One of the themes that are popular for being cheap and didn’t need a large budget is a rustic theme wedding. So, you can freely choose it!

cheap wedding decoration ideas

cheap wedding decoration ideas

  1. Blow Bubbles Instead of Flower Petals

When the bride and the groom enter the wedding venue, people often throw flower to welcome them. Well, how pricey wedding you have with throwing the expensive flower on the floor like that. Change it with blowing bubbles instead! It is far cheaper than the flower.

cheap wedding decoration ideas

cheap wedding decoration ideas

  1. Choose Your Venue Carefully

Saving more money on your wedding decorations can be done with you using the venue natural decorations. As you know, if you hold your wedding ceremony on a natural looking beautiful venue like a flower garden, you don’t need many decorations then.

rustic wedding venues

rustic wedding venue

  1. Collect Shells for Unique Decorations, it’s Free

If you want to have a unique wedding decoration, you can choose to get shells. You know it’s free if you want to collect it your self. You can decorate tables, walls, everything with pretty shells.

seashell wedding decoration

seashells for wedding decoration

  1. Decorates Your Wedding with Potted Plants

You know buying a fresh flower to decorates wedding venue is cost you a fortune. But, you want your wedding venue looking as fresh as the flowers. You can use potted plants then. Potted plants can also give out a fresh vibe.

cheap wedding decoration ideas cheap wedding decoration ideas

  1. Substitutes Flowers with Candles

Who needs flowers in wedding decorations now? I know it is pretty, but isn’t candles way prettier? Place candles on some spots and corners of your wedding venue. Use it as identity and characteristics of your wedding day.

candles for wedding decoration

candles for rustic wedding

As the closing words, cheap wedding decorations ideas are possible with simplicity and creativity. You need to think out of the box and don’t need to spend money on unnecessary stuff. You just need a right theme and right decorations to make your wedding ceremony memorable as any other wedding. Saving money for other expenses is greatly recommended for newlywed instead spend it only for wedding decorations.