Honda CBR500R

Honda CBR500R; an Affordable Price and Best Sport Bike

Honda CBR500R is the twin released of Honda CB500F but the adventure series of the CB500X. This bike is rumored to be the best models of Honda’s bike and finally admitted as one of the most successful bike from Honda. This bike is targeted young-adult as main customer because of its sporty looking body. Most important thing is the bike is safe enough for inexperienced rider.

The Honda CBR500R was first released in 2013. It is welcome with a very great review because of its performance and affordable price. Since it released, the bike was highly popular. What a fate for an offspring of a good bike before it.

Honda CBR500R White

As one of Honda CB500 models, the Honda CBR500R has double R in its name. The reason behind its name is because it has 471 CC parallel and twin engines. The twin engine than completed with most chassis parts compare with the other two siblings.

The new design of Honda CBR500R has a new advance in the body term and engine of this big toy. For example, the CBR500R is makeover greatly. It has sleek featured body and has LED lights. It has better appearance then the previous year of the bike. The riding position of the bike is unchanged but more accommodating. Ith has slightly raised handlebars and generous space footrests. So that,the leg room is comfortable and very generous in serving the rider.

Honda CBR500R Orange & Black

The Full Specifications of the Honda CBR500R

The maximum output of the liquid-cooled engine is reaching to A2 class limit. It is reach 47 bph. The transmission of this bike is six-speed transmission and resulted in improving shifting of the machine. The exhaust system of Honda CBR500R is redesign to save up to 2 kilograms, so that the bike is lighter for drive.

Because of the lighter weight but sporty looking body, this bike is delivered a fun and enjoyable ride. It is very lively and friendly even to inexperience driver. The Honda CBR500R pulls up to 5,000 RPM and reach safely before red line near 8,700 RPM. The advantage of using this bike is also the good job in diverting wind along the body of the bike. It decrease the turbulence and helping the rider to enjoy the ride.

As it has mentioned before, Honda CBR500R is considered very light. It has unchanged kerb weight for 194 kilogram. It is larger in size, but lighter in weight. Even though it is light, but it is stable when speeding. The suspension system of the bike is also very well-controlled. The handlebar of this bike is very wide.

The brakes system of Honda CBR500R is also got good grades. It has single front and rear disc for brakes, completed with efficient ABS. This features make even rider with small hand can ride freely and comfortable. It can be adjustable to the level the rider wants. The fuel tank capacity of this bike is increased very greatly. It can manage to ride up to 200 miles with average MPG reach 74 MPG.

The Honda CBR500R is the first great performance bike with affordable price. It is reduced the cost of the bike producing it in some country, rather than in Japan for all. For example, the manufacturer builds a factory in Thailand to serve South East Asia demand of the bike. The Honda CBR500R MSRP is 5,599 GBP as of now.

Now is the end of the information about Honda CBR500R. May this article can help you informed greatly and you can choose the best toy for your enjoyable ride.