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     Dimethyl sulfate
     Sodium sulfate
     Sulfuric acid
     Dimethyl ether

    Linyi Yuanbo Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd

    Established in 2006, Linyi Yuanbo Chemical Co., Ltd, is a young and fast-growing high-tech chemical enterprise, mainly engaged in pharmaceutical raw materials and fine chemicals production and sales. The existing supply capcaty of dimethyl suffate is 100,000 tons per year and nitromethane is 6,000 tons per year.

    Linyi Yuanbo Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd is located in Linyi Economic Development Zone Chemical Industry Park, covering an area of 150,000 square meters and including 260 employees, 50 of whom are administrative and technical staff. Over the years, with the community's strong support and care, Yuanbo Chemical adhere to the development idea of "market-oriented, technology-driven, talent centered” and also the "people-oriented" management thinking. We have built up a scientific management system and cultivated a lot of qualified personnel. Now we have got safety production licence, industrial production permit and passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification.

    After all the hard work and struggle of our Yuanbo family through all these years, Yuanbo Chemical has formed its own corporate culture, the essence of which is "moderate, pragmatic, respect the talented, honor friendship", deeply recognized and respected by our clients and society.

    Yuanbo Chemical's business philosophy is "quality , responsibility, and mutual benefit."

    Yuanbo Chemical's management philosophy is "people-oriented, performance-oriented, strive for the best".

    We look forward to working with you hand in hand to create success!

    Shandong Yuanjie Agrochemical Co., Ltd.

    Shandong Yuanjie Agrochemical Co., Ltd was founded in 2013, a joint-enterprises of Linyi Yuanbo Chemical Co., Ltd and Beijing Jiexi Agrochemical Co., Ltd. Linyi Yuanbo Chemical Co., Ltd. Is a synthetic enterprise including production, management, research, and the annual output value is 500 million RMB, the main products are dimethyl ether, dimethyl sulfate, nitromethane. Beijing Jiexi Agrochemical Co., Ltd is a professional soil disinfection service provider, with many years of experience in the promotion and application of chloropicrin soil disinfectant technology.

    Shandong Yuanjie Agrochemical Co., Ltd.,with registered capital of 50 million yuan and a total investment of 240 million yuan, is located in Biological Chemical Industry Park of Linyi Economic and Technological Development Zone.The company occupies 90 acres and employs 80 stuff, mainly engaged in pesticide formulations and pesticide synthetic materials research and development, production and operation. The 10,000 tons of chloropicrin production line is a key project encouraged by Shandong Province government.

    Copyright(C)2006 ,Linyi Yuanbo Chemical Co.,Ltd.Supported by ChemNet ChinaChemNet GoldTrust
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