2016 Yamaha R1 Blue

2016 Yamaha R1, New Bike from R1 Series

 2016 Yamaha R1 is another series released from Yamaha R1 series. This bike was released in February 2016. It is manufactured under the name of Yamaha Motor Company and offspring of the 2015 Yamaha R1. This bike is reviewed as a bike you should buy no matter what. This bike is available in three colors. They are yellow color, matte gray color, and blue silver color. Every colors available has different MSRP. The Yamaha R1 with yellow color series MSRP is offered for 16,990 USD. 2016 Yamaha R1 with matte gray dan blue silver MSRP is offered for 16,490 USD.


The 2016 Yamaha R1 is also known as Yamaha YZF R1. It is a bike with longer swim arm and shorter wheelbase. The engine use for 2016 Yamaha R1 is a 4 cylinder DOHC. The capacity of this engine is 998 CC. The size of bore and stroke of this bike continuesly is 79,00 mm and 50,9 mm. The fuel delivery use in this bike is by fuel injection. The injection is done with YCC-T and YCC-I delivery. The transmisson of this bike is 6-speed with multiplate slipper clutch.


The Specification of Chassis and Dimensions of 2016 Yamaha R1

The dimensions specifications of this bike is 80.9 inch for length, 27.2 inch for weight, and 45.3 inch for height. The seat height in this series is reach up to 33.7 inchi. The length of the wheelbase is up to 55.3 inchi or the same 1385 mm. The diameter of the carburetors is 40 mm with supply from forks with size 41 mm. This sport bike has inbuilt self diagnosis system to paneling the instrument electrically. It also has exhaust system to control the exhaustion of gas flow from the engine.

2016 Yamaha R1 White

The specifications of front and rear suspension is explain by descriptions below. The front suspension is a 43 mm KYB inverted fork. It is fully adjustable and size for 4.7 in travel. Next, the rear suspension is describe as a single shock with piggyback reservoir. It is a 4-way adjustable size for 4.7 in travel. The front and rear brakes is describe in sentences below. Front brakes of 2016 Yamaha R1 is a dual 320 mm hydraulic disc. It has a 4-piston calipe, unified brake system, and ABS. Meanwhile the rear brakes of 2016 Yamaha R1 is 220 mm disc, unified brake system, ABS.


The 2016 Yamaha R1 is completed with warranty for 1 year but limited only for factory warranty. The clutch of 2016 Yamaha R1 is loaded with a very advanced clutch system. It provides the rider with a controlled aggressive downshifting process. This downshifting is for hard cornering of the bike. So, it makes the rider have more control of the bike. It controls the torque of this awesome bike.

2016 Yamaha R1 Yellow

Next, the technology and electronics of 2016 Yamaha R1 is connected to the sensors and rider ad system. This bike has power delivery mode with 4 options to choose from. Using this power delivery mode, the rider can experience multtiple riding style depend on the conditions of the road.


Slider control system in this bike is considered very advanced. It can simply contols the engine power of this bike. So that, the bike can prevent sliding and control the level of interference. The wire throttle of this bike can take controls for both low and high RPM.


That is the end of the article about 2016 Yamaha R1. The bike is recommended to buy, but you need to know better about the specification first. May this article can help you informed you better.